Innovative and Industry Recognised Technologies

engineering sada provides engineering and consultancy services, to facilitate the supply of a wide range of laser scanning and security products, solutions and services. Working with leading market and technology firms, sada brings to Qatar the know-how and experience that has supported projects in a number of areas that include:

1. industrial Safety 2. security and Risk consulting 3. environmental security and surveillance 4. 3D Laser Scanning 5. underground survey 6. hydrographic Survey 7. asset Tracking Management 8. 3D Visualisation 9. mapping 10. solid Terrain Models 11. cartographics  around the greater Doha region.

Laser Scanning

Providing a safer, more precise alternative to traditional survey and dimensional control methods, Sada/MMN Terrestrial Laser Scanning services are able to capture, visualise and model complex structures, sites and features

cquired data can be modelled and rendered for easy integration into CAD and various modelling software such as PDMS, AutoPlant and Navisworks.

Mobile Laser Scanning

Mobile Laser Scanning is an emerging technology that is ideal for surveying various types of infrastructure corridors including road, rail, pipelines and powerlines.

Conducting survey and associated services to the Land Development, Mining, Civil Engineering, Construction and Mapping industries, the company has the knowledge and expertise to conduct client specific operations in a professional and cost effective manner.

Civil Engineering,

Construction & Mapping